What Jim Cramer Is Watching This Week

Katherine Ross

While the Fourth of July is a big holiday for many Americans, there are still quite a few news stories--and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic of course--that are impacting investors.

So, while Jim Cramer is taking the week off, what will he be watching from the comfort of his home?

"I'm gonna start watching companies like Nucor. I'll start watching companies like General Motors. I'll look at Citi again. I'm certainly gonna look at Goldman Sachs. I want a mixture of failing retailers that might come back, when I say failing, you know, the second tier. There's just a lot of second-tier stuff I'm looking at. Because these numbers belie a second-tier, And then I have to worry about the Bristol-Myers of the world. Because when they go down, on an employment number, That means you're gonna need weaker numbers. And we don't have a lot of numbers anyway next week. So the market is gonna give you a full week of what I guess is joy from this employment number. Because there's nothing that could derail it next week," said Cramer.

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