Jim Cramer: People Don't Live in Fear of COVID-19, They Live in Fear of Death

Katherine Ross


Gilead apparently has market-moving potential.

In intraday trading Thursday, Gilead shares fell after a potential antiviral drug for the coronavirus failed its first randomized clinical trial, a report said.

The Chinese trial showed remdesivir, which was developed by the Foster City, Calif., biopharma, did not improve patients’ condition or reduce the pathogen’s presence in the bloodstream, according to the Financial Times, which cited draft documents published accidentally by the World Health Organization.

“In this study of hospitalized adult patients with severe COVID-19 that was terminated prematurely, remdesivir was not associated with clinical or virological benefits,” the summary stated.

Gilead warned that the post included “inappropriate characterizations of the study.”

"We regret that the WHO prematurely posted information regarding the study, which has since been removed," Gilead said in a statement. "The investigators in this study did not provide permission for publication of results. Furthermore, we believe the post included inappropriate characterizations of the study. Importantly, because this study was terminated early due to low enrollment, it was underpowered to enable statistically meaningful conclusions."

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The question is who “leaked” the results to WHO? It is the Chinese Communist Government. Understand this, as CCP is showing their true enemy face to America now, and you must not trust anything they say. WHO is now just now an outlet of their propaganda. Analyze all their “reports” coming out and you will soon realize that they are completely opposite to the statistical facts. Don’t want to call it a pandemic in the beginning, don’t want America to shut our gates to China, masks cannot protect you.... blah blah blah.... Now, do you believe Gilead’s drug failed? I will tell you... think opposite of all what CCP says. And you will pretty much be right.