Why Jim Cramer Isn't Worried About Facebook Internal Turmoil

Katherine Ross

On Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he will review some of Facebook's content policies after a backlash against his decision to leave up an incendiary post by President Donald Trump.

Civil rights groups, as well as Facebook employees, criticized Zuckerberg sharply for the company's inaction on a post by Trump with a reference to shooting protesters. 

Facebook employees spoke out against the policy, with at least one engineer quitting the firm over Zuckerberg's decision. Civil rights groups denounced Zuckerberg's justification for the policy "incomprehensible."

Writing in a Facebook post on Friday, Zuckerberg said that the company will review "policies allowing discussion and threats of state use of force to see if there are any amendments we should adopt."

"We already have precedents for imposing greater restrictions during emergencies and when countries are in ongoing states of conflict, so there may be additional policies or integrity measures to consider around discussion or threats of state use of force when a country is in this state," he wrote.

So, since Jim Cramer was off on Friday, does this news about Zuckerberg and employees at Facebook voicing their disagreement impact Cramer's thoughts about the company as an investor?

No, he said. 

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