Jim Cramer: Find Companies That Look Expensive, But Aren't Expensive Right Now

Katherine Ross

Jim Cramer penned a Real Money column focusing on how investors can find winners for their portfolios.

The title of his Real Money column? "Big Money Talks, but Not the Same Language as the Little Guy."

You can read the full column here.

He starts by pondering whether the money has gotten "too big."

"I've been stuck on this concept because I have been trying to figure out the disconnect between when brilliant, truly brilliant managers come on air and give you chilling views of "the market" and the real attempts, particularly by younger people, to make money in stocks," Cramer wrote.

"If you really parse the warnings--some would say jeremiads -- of the biggest money managers out there, you will hear specific language about overall stocks. They rarely call out any individual stocks. Perhaps they will mention FANG, or FANGMAN as I am now hearing -- Facebook (FB) , Amazon (AMZN) , Netflix (NFLX) , Google/Alphabet (GOOGL) , Microsoft (MSFT) , Apple (AAPL) and Nvidia (NVDA) . (All but NFLX are holdings of my Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust.) But they will almost never discuss the merits of individual stocks," he continued.

So, how can investors find winners? Should they tune out the mainstream media and hedge fund managers?

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looks like I'm buying more shares!


Great insight. Never thought about this perspective before.


I have shares of apple and amazon! Can't wait to get some further tips!