Jim Cramer: Buy Nvidia Over Intel Stock

Katherine Ross

Apple officially announced that it's ditching Intel chips in favor of its own custom-built processors for Macs in a move that CEO Tim Cook described as "historic." 

The new chip architecture will deliver better performance and allow developers to more easily build apps that work across the whole ecosystem of Apple devices, the tech giant said.

“Every time we’ve done this, the Mac has come out stronger and more capable,” said Cook at Apple's all-virtual keynote on Monday, referring to the adoption of new chip standards in Macs over time.

Analysts expect that switching to custom-built chips will give Apple more control over its product releases, and potentially boost its margins over time.

Cook said that the first Macs with Apple silicon will ship by the end of this year and that the entire transition will take about two years.

Jim Cramer said, "Intel was an amazing company. They had better and better iterations every year...You want to be in Nvidia."

He warned that this is a "reckoning" for Intel. 

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