Jim Cramer's Reason to Buy Apple Stock

Katherine Ross

New year, new iPhone?

All eyes remain on Apple (AAPL) as the tech giant is set to report earnings at the end of April. Investors and Apple fanboys alike are anxiously waiting to hear any inkling of what to expect from the next iteration of Apple’s flagship iPhone.

Bloomberg recently reported that Apple fans can expect as many as four new handsets in addition to 5G. Two of the more high-end models will have flat stainless steel edges rather than the curved design Apple users have come to expect.

TheStreet’s tech columnist Eric Jhonsa noted that this kind of redesign and others reflect the changes that have been made at Apple since the departure of Chief Design Officer Jony Ive in 2019. “Time will tell how a return to flat iPhone edges and displays (assuming it happens) is received. But so far at least, change hasn’t been such a bad thing for Apple on the hardware design front,” Jhonsa wrote.

Apple stock was up around 4% to $285.24 in early trading Tuesday. What could a new look mean for the stock in the long term?

Catch Cramer’s full take in the video above.

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Is the iPhone actually going to get its promised facelift? Here's what TheStreet.com's Eric Jhonsa had to say: https://www.thestreet.com/investing/apple-rethinking-hardware-designs-after-jony-ives-departure

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