Jim Cramer on Boeing Stock: There Will Be Demand for Planes

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on Boeing and whether or not the recertification of the 737 MAX is what Boeing needs for the stock to go higher.
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Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft, which are currently grounded, aren't likely to be put back into widespread use until at least early next year amid additional FAA delays in re-certifying the jets.

That according to the Wall Street Journal, which on Wednesday reported that the ill-fated aircraft isn’t likely to get the nod from FAA officials until late October or early November at the earliest, and likely closer to the end of December or early January.

Citing U.S. government and industry officials, the Journal said the agency has decided to ask for public comments before finalizing software and hardware changes. Regulators overseas could take days or weeks longer to concur in those decisions, further pushing back the re-certification process, the Journal said.

Efforts to re-certify the planes have been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, however, with FAA officials working from home and the agency facing other challenges related to scheduling U.S. and foreign pilots to participate in ground-simulator testing.

Boeing just last week said it delivered a total of just 20 commercial jets during the quarter, down 78% from 90 a year ago, thanks largely to the coronavirus pandemic. 

So, what does Jim Cramer think?

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