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How Jim Cramer Picks Winners and Losers for Remote Economy

Jim Cramer says markets face a two-sided economy. Here's how he's picking stocks.

What does the future of the office look like?

Jim Cramer weighed in on the future of the office through the lens of Salesforce and what that future tells him about the market in his latest column on Real Money. 

"At 4:03 p.m., right after the market closed, a headline broke, one line that said “Salesforce Extends Work from Home Period until July 31, 2021," wrote Cramer in his Real Money column on Thursday morning. "Innocuous at first, correct? But then remember who runs Marc Benioff. The long-standing CEO has been a visionary about Covid. He has the most popular site, about how to open the economy while under the terror of COVID. He was the first to call for a chief medical officer, rather than just have this key issue be handled by an overwhelmed human resources officer. He’s been the biggest advocate of wearing masks, something that I can attest to because he has joined me in our mask contest, where now more than 600 teams from more than 50 countries are competing for designing the most wearable, and therefore most effective masks, in order to win $1 million of our money by going to participate."

In the video above, Jim Cramer breaks down why we're in a two-sided economy and why now is more important than ever to identify the winners and losers. 

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He breaks down his approach to stocks in the video above. 

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