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Jim Cramer: You Gotta Buy Airbnb When it IPO's

Here's why Jim Cramer likes Airbnb.

Jim Cramer has some thoughts about Airbnb. 

In his Real Money column on Monday, he explained why he now likes Airbnb.

"[My wife and I] used to love going to Miami Beach and staying in one of those cool hotels on the ocean. But Lisa said, no way: first, they are expensive, second they are crowded, third, you have to be in an elevator with others, fourth, you can’t go to a pool anymore because there are no masks and finally, the places are a fortune," Cramer wrote.

"Instead, she showed me five places that were all, for a month, the price of a week in a typical hotel. All had pools. All had nice kitchens, a necessity when you fear restaurants and their flimsy social distancing rules, and all were a bike ride away from whatever is needed. We looked at the places together. We have a friend who lives down, there, a jersey émigré, and we asked her to check out the properties. I am confident we will get one this week."

So, does Cramer's column following his wife's interest in an Airbnb indicate that Airbnb is a stock to own when it comes public?

Watch the full video above for more.

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