Jim Cramer: You Gotta Buy Airbnb When it IPO's

Katherine Ross

Jim Cramer has some thoughts about Airbnb. 

In his Real Money column on Monday, he explained why he now likes Airbnb.

"[My wife and I] used to love going to Miami Beach and staying in one of those cool hotels on the ocean. But Lisa said, no way: first, they are expensive, second they are crowded, third, you have to be in an elevator with others, fourth, you can’t go to a pool anymore because there are no masks and finally, the places are a fortune," Cramer wrote.

"Instead, she showed me five places that were all, for a month, the price of a week in a typical hotel. All had pools. All had nice kitchens, a necessity when you fear restaurants and their flimsy social distancing rules, and all were a bike ride away from whatever is needed. We looked at the places together. We have a friend who lives down, there, a jersey émigré, and we asked her to check out the properties. I am confident we will get one this week."

So, does Cramer's column following his wife's interest in an Airbnb indicate that Airbnb is a stock to own when it comes public?

Watch the full video above for more.

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