Will Coronavirus Make Netflix King of the FAANG Names?

Katherine Ross

So, what are you watching on Netflix?

Yesterday, Jim Cramer broke down why he loves Netflix so much right now. 

One stock "that supports my life while I'm in quarantine...It would be Netflix. I've got something to do. I would have said Facebook at one point, but yeah, I'm not with my wife and so I feel that Netflix is something to do when you're alone. Amazon also. Amazon is the other one because I can sit there and order things so that I've got them the next day. I just ordered some Sensodyne Toothpaste. There you go. Why? Well, because I'm out and my wife's not there to get it, and I'm not going to go to no store. One of the things that we talk about is fear. I have a fear of going into any crowd. I don't know whether the store's or the drugstore could have a crowd or not, so I'd rather just order from Amazon," he told TheStreet.

And then he wrote about two more FAANG names in his Real Money column Tuesday morning. 

That's the set-up Apple (AAPL) and Alphabet (GOOGL) have created to demonstrate their revolutionary, totally private contract tracing," wrote Cramer. 

He continued:

I have been calling for a Manhattan Project, something that puts together the finest minds -- wherever they can be found -- to make it so we can get back to work. Leave it to these tremendous competitors to get together to make it so public health people can give you a heads up that the person you came in contact with has Covid-19. This is a historic partnership between Android and Apple to solve the problem of knowing if you need to be tested, because you were near someone who became sick. You opt in to get it with a free app. The government has no ability to track you. It only knows that your phone came near a sick person's phone. It is beyond me why people aren't talking about this partnership, where they started working literally two weeks ago, but it's what a democracy can produce that does not have any Big Brother implications at all.

Watch the full video above for Cramer's thoughts on FAANG.

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