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Jim Cramer Wants to Hear About Covid-19 During Apple WWDC

Jim Cramer breaks down what he'd like to see on his Apple Watch when it comes to the coronavirus and coronavirus testing.

Another year, another Apple WWDC. However, it will look a little differently this time around.

For the first time ever, Apple’s developer’s conference will be all virtual and free to join, leaving TheStreet’s Annie Gaus to speculate that the event could be one of Apple’s must-watch WWDC’s to date.

The 31 edition of the event will kick off Monday, June 22 and carry on through the week.

Amid a slew of software and services announcements, Gaus expects Mac chips, iOS, WatchOS and R&D initiatives to be among the highlights.

While investors, users and analysts tend to downplay or even ignore the event, TheStreet’s AppleMaven Daniel Martins suggests investors tune in when the keynote kicks off at 1 p.m. E.T. Monday.

Other key invents include:

· Platforms State of the Union, at 2 p.m. Cupertino time

· Engineering Sessions and Developer Labs: June 23 to 26

What is TheStreet’s Jim Cramer looking to see during WWDC?

On top of dying to see the latest developments to the Apple Watch, Cramer wants to hear what tracking can be implemented on Apple devices to help prevent and lower the spread of the coronavirus. 

Is it time for the Apple Watch or even Siri to keep track of all of your vitals amid the pandemic. 

"If you could do that, it would be the holy grail," Cramer said. 

For more on WWDC, head to the Apple Maven channel on TheStreet on Monday, at 1 p.m. E.T., for live blog coverage. 

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