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Jim Cramer Says Apple iPhone 12 Is Enough to Launch Upgrade Cycle

Jim Cramer says Apple gave plenty of reasons to buy the iPhone 12 during Tuesdays phone reveal.

And just like that the first 5G iPhone has arrived.

In a virtual event Tuesday, Apple revealed its much anticipated first line of 5G-enabled smartphones.

Apple launched four different iPhone 12 models, including the mini, a 5.4-inch model starting at $699; a 6.1-inch model starting at $799, a 6.1-inch Pro model starting at $999, and a 6.7-inch pro model starting at $1,099.

Among numerous design changes, the phones feature flatter edges and a ceramic shield that Apple said is “tougher than any other smartphone glass.”

In addition to design and tech updates, Apple announced the next line of phones will be shipped without accessories including charging cables and headphones.

While the event was certainly much anticipated, did Apple do enough to launch an upgrade cycle into the holiday season?

While pundits continue to debate the current value of 5G, Jim Cramer said Apple did plenty to give consumers a reason to upgrade to the newest model. Highlighting Cramer's interest were the camera updates in the new model as well as the new MagSafe feature for wireless charging. 

Though there are always updates Cramer would like to see, he said ultimately, if you're a consumer working off an iPhone 7 or 9, there are plenty of reasons to upgrade. 

The phones will be available for preorder beginning Oct. 16.

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