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Why Jim Cramer Doesn't Like Bank Stocks Ahead of Earnings

Jim Cramer explains which earnings reports have him nervous and the one name he's looking forward to reporting later in April.

 And just like that, it's time for earnings season to kick off once again. Yes, while most attention will remain on the coronavirus and its impact on the economy, Jim Cramer will be the first to tell you that earnings still matter.

So which reports are catching Cramer's attention? He isn't so fond of the bank stocks which will be among the first beginning as early as April 14.

Wall Street anticipates earnings from JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and more before the week is out.

For a bit of positivity, Cramer is excited to see what Netflix has to offer when the streaming giant reports earnings on April 21. But until that time, he's bingeing on earnings from the big banks.

Catch his full take in the video above.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
What about stocks that you don't like ahead of earnings season?

Jim Cramer: Well, those bank stocks are the ones I don't like because I think that they're the ones that have the most risk of being able to say what is going to happen and what isn't going to happen. I like Netflix. I think that

Netflix is going to be something that people are going to say well, wait a... They've got some very exciting ones and that's on April 21st. For the most part, I'm concerned about the banks. That's what reports this week.

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