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Jim Cramer: 'We Don't Care' About U.S. Debt Right Now

U.S. debt is expected to hit WWII lows, so what does that mean for stocks? Jim Cramer explains what investors need to know.

We've been hearing a lot about government spending, from the $2 trillion economic relief package that will provide much-needed aid to small businesses and the $1,200 stimulus check that millions of Americans will be receiving around the country.

And, as Jim Cramer pointed out in his morning column over on Real Money, the Federal Reserve's $2.3 trillion stimulus package showed that the "...Federal Reserve last week decided to go nuclear, agree to buy the bonds of really troubled companies and municipalities. Fed Chief Jay Powell adopted a Malcolm X approach to use whatever means necessary to keep this economy afloat and it's hard not to work, given that he has unlimited firepower."

Read more from Cramer over on Real Money. 

But, all of this money has to come from somewhere. 

So, with the U.S. debt expected to exceed the size of the whole U.S. economy for the first time since World War II, should investors be worried about what this means for the stock market?

And, with the pandemic looming over investors heads, how could the U.S. debt impact investor sentiment?

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