Jim Cramer Says Watch AbbVie

Jim Cramer weighs in on the stock he wants investors to watch after his Action Alerts PLUS call.
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Jim Cramer is looking to give investors a helping hand when it comes to stocks he's watching in the markets.

"During this uncertain time, we want to help all the investors out there," Cramer said.

Thursday, May 14, on Street Lightning, Cramer and his team at Action Alerts PLUS streamed his monthly live call free. 

When looking at the markets, Cramer told viewers yesterday, "Yet all these [market] moves would be fine if you believe that the vaccine will be available at year-end. What's really coming out of the market is a recognition in the last four days that that is too optimistic, which means we need a stimulus plan for stage two. I favor a $3 trillion stimulus plan. I do believe the Democratic plan, which I've looked over because I had been talking to Secretary Mnuchin. But then, I'm dealing with Speaker Nancy Pelosi... The Fed can backstop us as long as there's more credit to be issued, but if small- and medium-sized companies are going to survive, they're going to need another infusion. And we're also going to need more cash in the pocket of most people. Just has to happen."

"Remember, if they don't do it, this biological crisis will become a financial crisis, and we'll once again experience the pain of 2007, 2009. And it means, of course, if you own the banks, the Federal Reserve will say, "We don't want you paying dividends." Now, which brings us to the portfolio at last. I don't know if you heard the back and forth between my friend Scotty Wapner and me yesterday about Dave Tepper. He's an old friend. He taught me how to trade bonds. He doesn't even remember me from then, but I remember. He was very tough on me, I remember. Don't want to talk about how tough he was. But Dave Tepper thinks that it's not as bad as 1999, but it's pretty bad. And Stanley Druckenmiller, who I met in the '80s, says it is worse than 1999," he continued.

But he also had some stock picks for investors. Watch the video above for Cramer's top stock pick from the call.

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