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Jim Cramer: Consumers Will Go Out As States Reopen

Many states are beginning to reopen, what does Jim Cramer think about it?

Let's go over what states are looking to reopen. 

Over 30 states have started to ease social distancing restrictions, or plan to.

Georgia, Ohio, Arizona, Florida, West Virginia, and Virginia all have various approaches to reopening. 

Now, Arizona and Ohio both have stay-at-home orders in place until late May, but will allow certain businesses to reopen. In Arizona, elective surgeries can be resumed starting Friday, May 1.  

Ohio is allowing some outpatient health procedures and also veterinarian and dentist offices. 

Starting Monday, manufacturing, construction, and distribution companies can reopen. However, there will be health guidelines enforced. 

New Jersey is reopening state and county parks and golf courses starting Saturday, May 2. 

And in West Virgina, dentists were able to go back to work on Thursday. Starting Monday, restaurants, churches, salons, etc. will be able to reopen starting Monday.

Watch the full video above for Jim Cramer's full take.

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