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Jim Cramer: Presidents Have to Follow in Founding Fathers Footsteps

Jim Cramer weighs in on President Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transition following the election.

President Donald Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power during a question-and-answer with reporters, suggesting election night controversies that could hammer stocks and disrupt world markets.

Trump, who continues to cast doubt-- without citing evidence--on the legitimacy of mail-in ballots and the broader election result. Trump, in fact, refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power should he lose the election, telling reporters in Washington that "we’re going to have to see what happens.

“You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster," he alleged.

Jim Cramer discussed his thoughts on the comments and what he said that we need to hear from presidents when it comes to honoring our democracy.

Cramer said that as a patriot, he feels the need to express why he finds Trump's election comments unacceptable. Catch his full take in the video above. 

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