Jim Cramer Yearly Garden Update

Jim Cramer gives a garden update.
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It's time for a garden update!

Jim Cramer has been busy working in his garden, so how's it going this year?

Watch the video above for Cramer's garden update.

Video Transcript:

KATHERINE ROSS: Jim, I've been seeing some photos of your garden on Twitter. I want to check in on it. How's it going this year?

JIM CRAMER: OK. So the garden, strategically, is in a rough spot. And the reason it's in a rough spot because it'd be a hot week-- a lot of sun.

And I've got to get Lisa to get in there to pick them before they're overripe-- typically the cherries. And I just don't know if I can intrigue her to go into the garden. Her garden's actually become a jungle.

We have too many zucchini picked. She doesn't want anymore zucchini. But the zucchinis are ripe.

The beans were a disappointment. I admit that they were a disappointment because we didn't get-- the beans and peas. We just didn't get the harvest that I would have liked.

She refuses to pay any attention to my herb and lettuce garden. And you're not going to get her to eat the lettuce. Then obviously it's going to turn sour.

So she's got a lot to do. But a garden can't just be a weekend event. The garden is a living, breathing organism.

And when you have a trestle like I have growing cucumbers. You don't want those cucumbers to get too big. Then they don't taste good.

If I had my way, I would pickle this weekend. And I'd begin sauce making because I have just enough cherries. And they're good. They're better for sauce than the big ones. But it's not going to happen because she doesn't feel the compulsion that I do.

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