How Jim Cramer's Spending Fourth of July

Katherine Ross

How are you spending the fourth of July?

For many Americans, this years 4th will look a little different due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

So, how will Jim Cramer spend his fourth?

"I'm just gonna be gardening. I'm gonna be doing stuff, gardening in Long Island, going down to Jersey to another town that I like to go to. Well, we were gonna go to Italy. To our place. It was our dream. We go there a couple of times a year. We rent it out, otherwise, it's an agrotourism business. We bottle olive oil, and we sell it there. And we were really looking forward to it. And now, we have nothing to do now. A high-quality problem, you know, we've got our health, you know, knock wood. And what I feel is, is that we absolutely have blessed, we're blessed, but it was my goal. And now instead, my daughter's gonna come home from Spain. And we're gonna, she has to self-quarantine. So I can't see her, but by her birthday, I'll be able to. So that's what I'm doing," Cramer said.

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