2 Things Jim Cramer Would Do With A Stimulus Check

Katherine Ross

 Have you gotten your stimulus check from the federal government yet?

Millions of Americans are expecting an additional $1200 or more to appear in their bank accounts over the next few weeks?

If you're not in urgent need of the extra cash, how should you take advantage of the extra cash. Outside of the world of stocks, Jim Cramer said he would be headed to Costco to pick up extra toilet paper and yes, the man who seems to be on Twitter bringing you the latest on the markets at all hours, is in need of a new computer.

Check out more of what Cramer is buying in the video above.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross: Millions of Americans are getting this $1,200 stimulus check, and that will range for, depending on your family, if you're married, all of those indications, but millions of Americans will receive this base check of $1,200. What are the top three things you would do with that check?

Jim Cramer: Well, one is I would go to Costco and get all the staples that I need because I don't want to go back and get staples. So that's a natural one. I think that that would be very, very good. I would also, I'd say get a new computer. I think my computer sucks. I'd like to get one that's called the Dragonfly, the HP Dragonfly. It should be provided I think by The Street, but if not I'll buy it and see if I can get reimbursed. I think that's really, really important to have a good PC because I'm on it 24 hours a day.

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