Jim Cramer's Watching JPMorgan Ahead of Earnings

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on JPMorgan.
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Jim Cramer weighs in on the bank stocks ahead of earnings season.

This week, Wall Street will get earnings starting Tuesday from JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Bank of America.

Cramer has noted that he's not so fond of the bank stocks of late.

But, let's take a look at where JPMorgan is.

The stock is trading around $98 a share, down from it's 52-week-high of $141.

Over the past three months, the stock has fallen over 27%.

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Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Any stocks that you're looking at before earnings season really kicks off?

Jim Cramer:
Well obviously, J.P. Morgan, concerned about JP Morgan because the banks are down very badly. I don't know if they can have any sort of forecast that matters. Bank of America should be doing well. I don't know whether they can say that things are going to continue well because America is basically shut down for business, so I think that matters. And then Wells Fargo is just a complete mystery. New CEO, Charlie Scharf, who knows? I have no idea.

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