Jim Cramer: ESG Investing Has to Happen Case by Case

Katherine Ross

Looking to invest sustainably?

First, let's break down what ESG stands for. It stands for environmental, social, and governmental. Those are the three key factors when it comes to measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment.

"Okay, ESG investing's very very difficult. For instance, PepsiCo Quaker had Aunt Jemima and they just got rid of Aunt Jemima today. Uncle Ben is owned by Mars. We should protest to make sure they get rid of that. But I think that what you have to do is you have to do case by case," said Jim Cramer.

"You have to say, okay what, you know you have to ask every single company what are they doing about the environment, what are they doing about social justice, what are they doing about the way that people handle themselves. And we have to ask them that and I think that once we get the solid answers we go on this. We the media have to hold these companies to a higher standard," Cramer continued.

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