Jim Cramer's Top Books to Read Over Memorial Day Weekend

Jim Cramer has some books to add to your reading list.
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What will you spend your Memorial Day weekend doing?

For some, since many beaches are still closed, that may mean a more relaxed Memorial Day than previous ones, and a book may be the best way to escape the current lockdown. 

For investors who are looking to teach themselves more about the stock market—especially following remarks about the long economic recovery we may have ahead of us from Federal Reserve Jerome Powell earlier this week—a book might be a nice idea.

So, Jim Cramer weighs in on his top recommendations to add to your weekend reading list. 

His picks?

1. "One Up on Wall Street" by Peter Lynch

2. "Stay Mad for Life" by Jim Cramer

3. "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by Edwin Lefèvre

"Three finance books, one's "One Up on Wall Street" by Peter Lynch is a must. "Stay Mad for Life" by me. If you're trying to figure out how it works. That's a beginner's book. If not, you should go to "Real Money", which is for a little bit more sophisticated people. And I would, see I don't wanna recommend the stuff that Buffet likes because it's just too dense. I don't wanna people to be dense and be turned off. How 'bout "Confession", how 'bout "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator"? That's the one they should read," Cramer told TheStreet's Katherine Ross.

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