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Jim Cramer's Advice for Investors Learning About the Stock Market

Jim Cramer has some advice for where investors should start if they want to learn how to invest.

Looking to use the pandemic as a learning experience to make you a better investor?

Jim Cramer has some advice for you.

"Well, first you want to figure out which companies are levered to what. I mean, the consumer is two-thirds of the U.S. economy, so if you're buying a stock of Amgen, well you're not levered to that two-thirds of the economy and if you're buying a stock of Nucor, you're not levered to that, but you know if you buy a stock like Take-Two, you are, or Camping World, you are," he said.

"So you have to see why I always like to start with, what's the end market? And then is the end market doing well or poorly? If the end market is doing well, then I think you can make a case that the company that you're dealing with might be one that you want to be in and that's why it was so impressive to hear what Walmart's doing. Now Walmart's stocks not running because it ran ahead but my experience is just that if you can isolate stocks that have run ahead and then they get really unbelievable numbers and they trade Dow a couple of days, pass. Pass on those numbers because that's where you wanna be," Cramer told TheStreet's Katherine Ross.

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