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Elon Musk Will Power Future of Space Travel: Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on SpaceX.

SpaceX has successfully launched and brought back two astronauts from space.

Following two months at the International Space Station, a team of two NASA astronauts aboard the SpaceX's Crew Dragon craft has returned to Earth on Sunday afternoon.

The astronauts--Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken--said they were "feeling well" upon landing, according to live video of the event.

The mission marks a first for SpaceX, founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It was also the first water landing--or "splashdown"--of an American crew aboard U.S.-made spacecraft in 45 years, according to NASA. 

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The SpaceX capsule had earlier made headlines on May 31 when it hooked up with the ISS. The trip will likely be widely seen as a major step in the emerging commercial partnership with the U.S. aeronautics and space agency.

So, does Jim Cramer think that this means that the future of space travel will be powered by Musk?

In one word, "Yes," Cramer tells TheStreet's Katherine Ross.

He added that Musk is "remarkable."

Watch the video above for more on SpaceX and Musk.

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