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Jim Cramer Worries He Won't See Eagles Play Cowboys

Sports are coming back, but Jim Cramer still has his concerns as coronavirus cases in the U..S. surpass 4 million.

Sports fans rejoice! Baseball made a big effort to making a return with Dr. Anthony Fauci throwing the first pitch when the MLB returned Thursday. 

However, Jim Cramer told TheStreet's Katherine Ross that he worries the optimism won't carry over to the NFL and his beloved Eagles as coronavirus cases continue to surge in the U.S., surpassing 4 million reported cases Thursday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. 

"How are the Dallas Cowboys going to come up and play the Philadelphia Eagles? No one from Texas is supposed to come up," Cramer said. 

Texas has been a hotspot amid the resurgence of coronavirus cases, and some states have suggested or instituted 14-day quarantines for visitors.

In June, Fauci told Ross that a state by state, case by case approach will be needed for a successful and safe return of sports. "It is not uni-dimensional. So it's difficult to make statements about the United States as a whole. Because when you look at things, you make decisions regarding exposure, or potential exposure to the virus, based on the dynamics and the extent of the virus in any given location. And when I say location, I say, region, state, city, town, county, or what have you," Fauci said. 

When asked if he thinks the NFL can resume safely, Cramer said, "You can't. Period. You can't." 

However, Cramer isn't as pessimistic when it comes to the NBA bubble and it all comes down to testing. "You can test constantly," Cramer said. 

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"If you're just relying on the honor system, forget about it," Cramer said. 

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