Titans of Finance: Jay Goldinger

What goes up must come down. It's a natural law that this economy seems to have forgotten. We hear daily, it seems, of the Wall Street wunderkind -- the filthy rich whiz kid, the man or woman who has it all. What's missing is some kind of perspective on the outsize egos, strange characters and mountains of money. That's why TSC Weekender presents "Titans of Finance -- True Tales of Money and Business," a comic strip for these moneyed times. Believe it or not, the facts in "Titans of Finance," which runs on the first weekend of every month, are drawn entirely from press accounts. Each ends with an update on the subject of the strip. To find out more about the series, read our full introduction . -- Editor

This week, read about Jay Goldinger, whose media savvy propelled him to the top (and then the bottom) of the financial industry.

Read about Jay Goldinger now.

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Josh Neufeld is a cartoonist whose work has appeared in Keyhole, American Splendor, The Village Voice and many other publications. His Web site illustrations have appeared on Playboy.com, NancyDrew.com and TheCase.com.

R. Walker, a former business editor, writes "Titans of Finance."

"Titans of Finance" was originally published in Keyhole.