Bitcoin Beware: Here Come the Chuck E. Cheese Tokens

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If I had written this story, it would be too just too far-fetched.

Here's the plot: I make up a currency. Let's call them Chuck E. Cheese tokens. The key is that it is untraceable money. It is not backed by any government or federal agency. I make them spendable over the Internet to make it cool, and I attach a made up nominal value.

But because it is unregulated and people assume there will never be more produced, it can fluctuate in value. Furthermore, I'll introduce it to the tech community because anything that is viral is epic. As more people learn of this digital currency and want to give it a try, this will, in itself, create a demand.

Step two: I need a big name attached to my new currency. Why not get the Winklevoss twins to talk about it? They've made it perfectly clear that they love the spotlight. Hell, why not have them attach their name to Chuck E. Cheese exchange house? Nope, that's not enough: We should have them go to space on their earnings from the Winklevoss/Chuck E. Cheese exchange earnings! That will definitely create a buzz. This is going to be the next big thing!

Ruh Roh... This untraceable money has problems. Turns out that not only techies like the idea of it, but so do people who want to launder money. Who could have seen that coming? Charlie Shrem, the CEO of one of our Chuck E. Cheese exchanges, gets busted for laundering money of drug lords. Call me crazy, but I'm not sure they were laundering money to get the remote control helicopter on the top shelf of Chuck E. Cheese's rewards program.

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