New Retirement Research (May 15 2018)
Artificial intelligence is useful, but you probably should talk to a real human adviser, too.

Are the machines taking over? Will machine-based learning deliver a more consistent overall higher returns for investors? As the evolution of artificial intelligence creates even better robo-investing tools, will the adviser become obsolete? As demographics shift and the millennials come of age, will technology replace the human?

"No!" say the authors of this research titled, Integrating the Human Element of Advising with Technology - A Futuristic Approach.

They add: "In fact, we see a team-based approach, augmented by AI, as the future. Our paper will identify current trends in the industry showing experts coming together to provide a more holistic approach to planning. Our research will show that despite media attention on the millennials, actual assets are coming from other age groups. Additionally, we will show that regardless of the use of robo-investing, adviser-managed portfolios continue to add real value."

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Integrating the Human Element of Advising with Technology - A Futuristic Approach

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