The market continued its upward climb on Thursday, as negotiations rather than a trade war between the U.S. and China now appears more likely, Action Alerts PLUS holding Facebook (FB - Get Report) looked to regain its footing, and ahead of Friday's non-farm employment report.

Here are three top takes from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors:

Jim Cramer: What to Look for In Friday's Non-Farm Employment Report

"On Friday," writes TheStreet's Jim Cramer, "we get a number everyone fears: the Labor Department's Non-Farm employment report. Ever since the economy turned up we have found ourselves in an environment where the stronger the number the more fears we have that the Fed will accelerate rate hikes and derail the economy."

Looking deeper, and with a focus on the homebuilders, Cramer adds, "Perhaps we are dealing with a different set of circumstances that makes being fearful of a strong employment number just plain old fashioned and antediluvian versus the Great Recession."

Buy Fear, Sell Greed: A 'Dirty Dozen' of Bargain Stocks to Play With

Real Money Pro columnist Paul Price says that "We all feel similar emotions when you see the futures down big overnight. How bad will that affect our portfolio values? Will the selloff turn into something even worse? Is this the prelude to "another 2008"? Of course we get fearful."

"The best investors, though, fight those very normal emotions and force themselves to act rationally," Price notes.

Read about his 12 bargain stocks, here.

4 Big Trades I'm Making (and One I'm Not), Right Here, Right Now: Market Recon

The cards and letters (emails & tweets) that Real Money columnist Stephen Guilfoyle has been receiving "seem to be headed in the same direction. What can we buy right now? The good news is that anyone still referring to valuations as perverse is not looking at the same data that I am. Stocks appear very close to properly valued to me at these levels."

His four trades encompass four big name stocks in different industry sectors.