The markets fluctuated on Wednesday, as tech stocks battled to make a comeback, and as trade issues and North Korea remained front and center.

Here are three top takes from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium site for active investors

Jim Cramer: Projecting the Worst Case Scenario on Facebook

TheStreet's Jim Cramer tackles Action Alerts PLUS holding Facebook's ( FB - Get Report) ongoing problems.

Seeing companies leaving the social media giant, he says, "Here's the issue, though: these departures [Playboy, Tesla (TSLA - Get Report) , Cher, etc.] and others like them, are going to hurt en masse and they make it extraordinarily difficult to value the stock itself, which has been on the ropes ever since we learned about the Cambridge Analytica data breach, some 18% ago."

"We know that you can figure out stocks by the earnings and the multiple we want to put on the earnings. Here both are in flux," he adds.

Twitter Could Be An Attractive Buy Here

"Back in late January, market players were growing optimistic that Twitter (TWTR - Get Report)  might be ready to join the FAANG names. It finally overcame some of the constant criticism of its management and and posted solid numbers," writes Real Money columnist James "Rev Shark" DePorre.

"The big issue here," he observes, "is whether this data privacy issue is going to continue to expand. If it blows over than TWTR looks like an attractive buy here..."

Are Interest Rates No Longer a Problem?

Real Money Pro columnist Tom Graff looks at interest rates and other factors affecting the market. "In February, the main catalyst cited for stocks selling off was higher interest rates. However, March has bought in a different tone," he says.