Be honest with yourself on Facebook (FB - Get Report) .

For the past two weeks you have awoken each morning, hopped on the trading terminal, ingested stock charts and Wall Street research on Facebook all in the hopes of timing the bottom. We cannot blame you for trying to hit the ultimate home-run on a household brand that has been rocked by a new scandal.

Despite all its faults from business model to leadership, Facebook's stock has been a juggernaut since its initial IPO debacle back in May 2012. Shares of the social media giant have surged about 315% from its IPO price as CEO Mark Zuckerberg has found a litany of ways to innovate and suck more money from advertisers. In the process, Facebook has widened its leads over social media rivals such as Snap Inc. (SNAP - Get Report) and Twitter (TWTR - Get Report) .

From the low hit in the first year of trading (around $17.55), Facebook's stock has skyrocketed about 777%. 

But with Facebook's shares down nearly 15% in March in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica news, many can't help but to wonder if a short-term bottom is approaching. TheStreet's founder Jim Cramer tweeted a good tip for investors looking for that trade-able bottom. If you want in-depth research on Facebook, check out Cramer's Action Alerts Plus investor club

Watch the volume on $FB. If it is to stabilize the volume must dry up as it is doing this morning. Plus if they hire Ted Wells from Paul Weiss it is game over for the bears

— Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) March 27, 2018

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