The markets were mixed on Tuesday, with the Dow up and down, while both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq (as tech stocks falter) were in the red, following Monday's huge rally on Wall Street.

Here are three top takes from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium site for active investors:

Jim Cramer: A Hideous Day for Lots of Stocks

"It's hard to tell which way it's going to go," writes TheStreet's Jim Cramer, on a day when the Dow has "a good head of steam," but the Nasdaq continues to suffer at the hands of Action Alerts PLUS holding Facebook (FB - Get Report) which "can't seem to get ahead of the news story."

One thing that's clear is that "the consumer product stocks stick out as positives," Cramer notes.

Gold Hangs on to Strength as China Challenges the U.S. Dollar: Market Recon

In his wide-ranging "Marker Recon" article today, Real Money columnist Stephen Guilfoyle observes that "when the United States and China seemed over the weekend to be seeking a gentlemanly solution to trade differences and stocks rebounded on Monday, investors were slow to take the value out of gold."

But Guilfoyle says that "it stands to reason that in the era of a weaker dollar and a much more volatile stock market, the odds of a policy error increase. So, financial preparation is key."

FOMO Is a No Go as Market Volatility Inspires Caution

"Monday's strong momentum has fizzled and there doesn't seem too much FOMO (fear of missing out) this time. Traders were really whipsawed over the past few days and now they are more concerned that it could happen again," says Real Money columnist James DePorre.

The bottom line? "Volatility is back and that is making traders more cautious about straight-up moves," he adds.