SHANGHAI, China, March 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the largest online travel agent in Asia and the second largest in the world, Ctrip jointly organized a "Responsible Travel" Summit with Tourism Toronto and China Southern Airlines to advocate for a greener and more responsible way to travel. 2018 is China-Canada Tourism Year with social responsibility being the main theme.
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Deputy General Manager of China Southern Airlines Shanghai Branch Mr. Peng Qingming, China Market Development Manager of Tourism Toronto Ms. Huang Ping, Vice President of Ctrip Mr. Victor Tseng and Sales Manager of China Southern Airlines Ms. Jin Xuemei
2018 Year of Tourism
2018 Year of Tourism
Ctrip Responsible Travel - Slippers
Ctrip Responsible Travel - Slippers
Ctrip Responsible Travel - Reusable Water Cup
Ctrip Responsible Travel - Reusable Water Cup

During the summit, the three parties jointly announced that they will encourage travelers to find new ways to travel through providing them with reusable water cups, slippers and other environmentally friendly travel products.

Mr. Victor Tseng, Vice President of Ctrip said, "These products can minimize the impact on the environment. We will continue to promote the concept of responsible travel and encourage all to be low-carbon travelers."

Ms. Huang Ping, China Market Development Manager of Tourism Toronto noted that Canada is one of the few countries in the world with a green tourism certification system. "Tourism Toronto has always adhered to the concept of green tourism and sustainable development," said Ms. Huang.

According to Tourism Toronto, 319,000 Chinese tourists visited Toronto in 2017, making China the largest source of inbound tourists for the city. Ms Huang Ping highlighted the importance of publicity and interactions between the travelers and the destination so that green travel development could be sustained.

China Southern Airlines, as one of the three major airlines in China has introduced the concept of 'green flight' since 2005.  Deputy General Manager of China Southern Airlines Shanghai Branch Mr. Peng Qingming said, "The launch of this initiative will help companies to better fulfill their social responsibilities."

In addition to launching this "Responsible Travel" initiative, Ctrip has been consistently playing an active role in supporting disaster relief, environmental protection, education and other social programs.

In July 2017, Ctrip, Qunar and eight other companies established an alliance aimed at promoting civilized travel. Ctrip also partnered up with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to support the worldwide movement "Earth Hour". Ctrip, alongside WWF advocated for the need to maintain a sustainable lifestyle by not using single-use plastic products and a deeper commitment to changes beyond that one hour.

"In the future, Ctrip will participate in more public welfare programs and lead the way for the travel industry to promote tourism that is green, sustainable and responsible. Together, we will uphold the positive image of travelers in China and in the world," said Mr. Tseng.

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