Patriarch Partners founder Lynn Tilton is no stranger to manufacturing plants.

Fearless. Confident. Controversial. Relentless. Focused. Entrepreneur. 

If that doesn't describe Patriarch Partners founder Lynn Tilton, then we didn't do our job researching one of the most recognizable females on Wall Street. Most business news TV watchers know Tilton for her impeccable wardrobe and confident-sounding voice. But what has gotten lost in the pursuit of sound-bites through the years is the story that took Tilton from a nationally-ranked high school tennis player to Morgan Stanley (MS - Get Report) /Goldman Sachs (GS - Get Report) to buying and fixing distressed companies to fighting off the SEC.

So who is Lynn Tilton? Here's an excerpt from TheStreet's podcast with her as part of our celebration of Women's History Month.

TheStreet: Who is Lynn Tilton?

Lynn Tilton: Probably alone and unafraid is how an army general described me recently. Leadership is really a lonely path, and I would say my life over the last couple of decades has been devoted to job creation, giving people the dignity of work, and leading companies from times of despair and loss to times of prosperity and light.

And in that, you make a lot of difficult decisions, and not everyone loves you, but that's really who I am. What I am most proud of is the 243 companies that we have restructured and many in which we have saved, and the 700,000 people that I have taken on that journey with me. 

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