Wall Street fretted Tuesday about President Trump's blockage of a bid by Broadcom (AVGO) for Qualcomm (QCOM) and a host of other worries.

Here are three top takes from the columnists of Real Money, our premium site for active investors:

Cramer: Trump's Swing at Broadcom Could Kill Stocks' Rally

Jim Cramer says that U.S. stocks struggled Tuesday in part due to uncertainty about what President Trump's blockage of Singapore-based Broadcom's bid for U.S. tech giant Qualcomm means for Sino-American trade. "If the Broadcom-Qualcomm shootdown is bigger, then there could be a pause in a rally of pretty much epic proportions," he writes. Read Cramer's full take here.

3 Tech Giants That Might Want to Buy Netflix

Apple (AAPL) this week shot down speculation that it might buy Netflix (NFLX) , but Real Money columnist Ed Ponsi can name three other tech giants that might by interested. Click here to check out his contenders.

Twitter's Charts Don't Look Very Tweet

Real Money technical analyst Bruce Kamich checks out the charts for Twitter (TWTR) and comes away unimpressed. "Upside price momentum has slowed and ... volume and the daily on-balance-volume line are not impressive," he writes. You can read Kamich's full analysis here.

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