Wall Street is climbing a wall of worry this week, fretting about everything from White House economic adviser Gary Cohn's departure to a possible global trade war. Fortunately, our columnists at TheStreet's Real Money premium site for active traders can help you decide what to do next.

Here are three of Wednesday's hottest Real Money columns:

Jim Cramer: 6 Reasons This Selloff Makes Sense

Jim Cramer says markets aren't panicky, just reasonably worried about factors ranging from Cohn's resignation to a strong Friday U.S. jobs report that would reignite inflation and rate-hike fears. "The market's decline seems, at least to me, to be sobering and rational," he writes. "[But] you have to wait to see the whites of the sellers' eyes before you commit any substantial chunk of cash to this market." You can read his complete analysis here.

James "RevShark" DePorre: Trade-War Fears Are Just Beginning

James "RevShark" DePorre says he expects talk of a trade war to create even more volatility going forward. "This trade-war issue isn't going to go away," he writes. "The market is looking hard for ways to minimize it, but it is going to continue to be an issue as the reactions play out." Read DePorre's full thoughts here.

Peter Tchir: You Don't Want to Know What This Reminds Me Of

Peter Tchir writes that he's only seen this kind of news-driven volatility twice before -- first right before Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, and then again during the 2011 Eurozone debt crisis.

"If you are nervous about your positions here, then I think the prudent thing is to take some risk off," Tchir writes. Read more here.

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