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Grab a cup of coffee before you peer outside. That nasty Nor'easter left an ugly mess out there.  The howling winds, churning seawater and as much as 10 inches of snow toppled trees, power lines and caused all sorts of travel problems.


Silver lining, though. There just might be a little snowmobiling in my future this weekend (The Iannuzzis are Yamaha (YAMHF) riders)!

#DeepBreath, that week on #WallStreet is over. Remember what @jimcramer says anyone can find their #BullMarket. I found mine in the middle of that #noreaster - it is SnowMobiling in the Adirondacks #SaturdayMorning @IannuzziVideo @TheStreet #rewind

— Julie Iannuzzi (@julesvideo) March 3, 2018

The wintery mix even made a slushy mess of Wall Street's historic district. But, hey, Wall Street is getting used to getting walloped.

Wall Street's Nor'easter

What's there to say?  It was a rough week. 

Ok, second mug of coffee now. Positive thought: There were plenty of buying opportunities! As @JimCramer says there's a bull market for everyone. Were you among the bulls?


Alaska's Renowned Iditarod Race Begins

The famous dog race gets underway in Anchorage, Alaska this Saturday morning.  As a Florida girl, I've always been fascinated with what has been dubbed the Last Great Race on Earth!  I've often imagined what it would be like to be pulled through Alaska's frozen tundra and snowy wilderness by a team of very determined dogs. Some fun facts about this grueling 1,000 mile race.

  • Saturday is All Ceremony: There will be 67 mushers and their dogs leisurely traveling through the state's biggest city.
  • Reality Begins Sunday: The timed competition begins in Willow, Alaska (That's 80 miles north of Anchorage, in case you're wondering).
  • Controversy: The race is still reeling, following a 2017 documentary that accused the race of cruelty. Sponsors like Wells Fargo (WFC - Get Report)  were among those severing ties. 
  • History: The race is a tribute to mushers who carried supplies to extreme wilderness outposts in Alaska's early days.
  • Unsung Heroes: Long ago, there was a horrific diphtheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska.  Twenty brave mushers and 150 dogs delivered the drugs to end the epidemic.
  • Leader of the Pack:  Balto, the lead sled-dog, was honored with a bronze statue in Central Park, near the children's zoo in New York City. Now you know!

Experience the new Frontier Without Leaving New York

You might be surprised to learn that you don't have to travel to Alaska to ride a dog sled. Nope, you can actually experience the new frontier just a few hours north of New York City in the Adirondacks! In Lake Placid, a couple of mushers and their team of dogs will be waiting for tourists to show up so they can take a run around Mirror Lake.  Trust me, it's well worth the twenty bucks. It's one of the most memorable things I've ever done with my family. Check it out below.

Viewer's note: 360 videos play best on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. On mobile, YouTube app for Android or IOS works best! Then use the wheel in upper left to navigate in 360º VR! Enjoy! (Thank you @MikeIannuzzi1 @IannuzziVideo)

From One Frontier to Another...

Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are arguably the market's most exciting new frontiers.

How ready are you to build a Crypto Portfolio?  Not really ready? That's ok!
TheStreet leveled the playing field during an exclusive hour-long conversation,  Investing in Cryptocurrencies, with tips and advice on how to understand and make money on cryptocurrency.
TheStreet's Scott Gamm hosted the one-hour conversation with these top crytocurrency and blockchain experts.
  • James Altucher, noted cryptocurrency commentator and author
  • Eric Ervin, CEO of Reality Shares, the firm behind a new blockchain ETF
  • Oliver Pursche, chief market strategist at Bruderman Brothers. Oliver personally owns many cryptocurrencies
  • Kathleen Moriarty, partner at Chapman and Cutler, a financial law firm that also advises companies and investors in the cryptocurrency space

And you're in luck. Our Scott Gamm decided to share a few the exclusive excerpts from his private event. Watch below.


Investing in Cryptocurrencies
Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Wish you watched the webinar? No problem! Here's an instant replay Click here!


And Finally... (Watch the video above)

Alpha Rising's Special Report for Women's History Month is off to an amazing start.

And our first podcast of the series was so fun! My gal pal Tracy Byrnes hosted the lively conversation.  She was joined by a terrific, smart group of women:

The series and the special report is a passion project for me.  Something I wanted to create for many years, thank you @DaveCallaway for letting us do it @TheStreet

And did I mention, we're now on SoundCloud!  Enjoy!

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Julie Bennett Iannuzzi
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