Alpha Rising's Special Report for Women's History Month is off to an amazing start.

And our first podcast of the series was so fun!

Our panel included:


We talked about the biggest issues facing women in business today. And while women have made great strides, there is still pay inequality and a lack of female exectuvies at the top.

Especially on corporate boards.

Keitz pointed out that TransDigm Group Inc. (TDG)  still is the only S&P 500 company that does not have a woman on their board, according to BoardEx, a relationship mapping service of TheStreet Inc.

And beauty products manufacturer Coty Inc (COTY) didn't have a single woman either until they appointed Sabine Chalmers to the board on April 18. (So....did the men on the board sit around and discuss face powder and makeup brushes by themselves?) 

(Be sure to read Keitz' full report on the state of boards here.)

Most importantly, we talked about actionable solutions to help fix these issues.

Ronning said that one of the biggest ways to do that is to keep talking about it.  And that's exactly what we're going to do!

So listen in for some great suggestions from Ronning, in particular, and find and which piece of her advice I'm putting on a t-shirt! 

Listen in!

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