Eric Jhonsa, Nelson Wang and Tracy Byrnes sat down and talked tech.

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Technology columnist Jhonsa, who often is first to report news in this space, was at the Goldman Sachs (GS) Technology & Internet Conference so he had the inside scoop on what's happening with PayPal PYPL and how the stock will be affect if the company loses eBay (EBAY) .  Plus he heard from Uber on the company's plan for growth , Google (GOOGL) , Nvidia (NVDA) and more.

In addition, Wang was on the Snap ( SNAP) call and got some real insight on where CEO Evan Speigel stands on the app's recent update. (Note to Speigel: my kids HATE it!)

But Spiegel seems to think that some of the negative reaction actually validates the reasons for making the changes.

And finally, Byrnes asked them both which tech stocks they would buy now

Listen in to find out what they are!

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