Violence erupted on a Carnival Cruise (CCL) ship Thursday, leading to the removal of more than 20 members of an extended family from the ship. 

The Legend cruise ship was in the midst of a 10-day trip through the South Pacific when a fight broke out. About 2000 people were on board the ship when the passengers started fighting. 

Video of the fight has since been posted online.

Footage shows security personnel wrestling people to the ground as a crew member attempts to stop the person from filming the incident.

Carnival says it is investigating the incident.

There were reports that there were days of fighting on the ship before the large brawl erupted Friday.

The ejected passengers were forced to disembark onto a small police boat after the incident, which reportedly began after someone's thong sandal was stepped on.

Guards and staff can be seen in the video kicking some of the brawlers as security attempted to subdue the rowdy passengers. 

YouTube video from 3AW 693's channel.