If you stayed up to watch one of the best games in Super Bowl history, you're probably exhausted, maybe thrilled, and sightly annoyed that you woke up to a down market.

But before you dwell in the market madness, let's look back on some of the ads in Super Bowl LII that reminded us about whats really important.

For instance, some of the ones that touched us,

  • The NBC ads of the inspirational U.S. female Olympians (#AlphaInspire)
  • The feel-good ads from Toyota's (TM - Get Report) "Good Odds", starring a Winter Paralympian
  • Hyundai's ad for pediatric cancer

But Budweiser's #StandByMe might me my favorite of the night. Watch it below in case you missed it. 

Because the ads matter.

Research has show that about 47% of Americans think watching the commercials actually is more important than the game, according to research by cloud computing company, Instart Logic. Ordering food comes next. tonis of Who's watching the Super Bowl on Sunday?

That's probably why many companies choose to pay NBC, which is owned by AAP holding Comcast (CMCSA - Get Report) , an estimated $5.5 million for 30 seconds of your time.

  • Fun fact: The average cost of 30 seconds in Super Bowl I: $40,000 ($294,000, adjusted for inflation), according to Ad Age.

Because even with the NFL controversies and drop in ratings, the Super Bowl still is the only guaranteed way to put yourself in front of millions of viewers. Last year 111.3 million viewers showed up to watch, according to Nielsen.  (We are still waiting on numbers from last night's game.)

So it's no wonder that 22% of last year's advertisers spent more than 10% of their annual marketing budget on that game alone. (For more on all this, check out Jason Notte's column here.)

So in case you got up to refill the chip bowl during the game and missed some commercials, we've compiled a bunch of the great one below for you.

Be sure to let us know what your favorites! @tracybyrnes



The car companies always make it dramatic. And that's how their stocks have been.  The auto manufactures are up over 23% as a group.  

So to continue with the high-drama, Lexus and Marvel Studios created an ad with the Black Panther, played in the movie by Chadwick Bosemano, and the 2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT.

Automaker Kia, on the other hand, took us to the track with two if its new Stingers.  Two-time Formula One and Indianapolis 500 champion, Emerson Fittipaldi is driving one of them. Who do you think is driving the other car?

And Hyundai went out of its way to try to relate to parents with kids in pee-wee soccer. 


Food & Beverage

Since the Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption day next to Thanksgiving, according to the U.S. Agriculture Dept., its no wonder there are a ton of food and beverage ads during this year's game.  

PepsiCo (PEP - Get Report)   tried really hard to make you forget that soda is bad for you and that it's stock is flat so far this year.  So they decided to distract you and bring two of its favorite products together this year in a pretty fun ad.


And now your Hollywood dream team.

And maybe bringing back my girl crush Cindy Crawford -- along with her son (my daughter's crush) -- will help the stock too -- no? 

See you Super Bowl Sunday, Cindy �� pic.twitter.com/B32Bg91htR

- Pepsi™ (@pepsi) January 11, 2018 

Everyone has to bring their "A-game" though, because the soda wars are on! So Coca-Cola (KO - Get Report)  got in the mix with a feel-good ad focusing on diversity and inclusion.  Its stock is up 3.4% year-to-date and about 19% for the year, but there's no resting on your laurels.  There's a new beverage giant in town. Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS)  announced a merger with Keurig. So maybe we'll see a coffee ad next year?

M&M'S was the top ranked chocolate candy brand of the United States with about $688.7 million worth of sales, according to Statista. (That's a lot of M&M'S.)  Owned by privately held Mars, Incorporate, they still went all out and brought in a Hollywood veteran to hang with our favorite spokescandies.

Pizza Hut figured free food is a great way to get folks to buy their slices over Papa John's (PZZA - Get Report) , which is recognized as the "official" pizza of the NFL.  Even more fun, the Hut took a dig at Domino's (DPZ - Get Report) . Good times.


Beer and Wine

In the year ended Jan. 28, 2017, beer sales only grew 2.1%. That's actually the slowest pace of expansion in the past four years, according to Nielsen Ratings analysts in the 2017 report State of the U.S. Beer Market.

And with the Super Bowl basically being a "beer holiday," it's no surprise you're going to see a bunch of beer ads since they could use the help. 

The problem is  -- all the ads are from Anheuser-Busch (BUD) . BUD has exclusive category commercial rights on the Super Bowl.  That means no other alcohol ads can air. So it's all them.

BUD generously offered some air time to is Michelob Ultra too.  (And women everywhere are thrilled about it.)

Yellow Tail

But just because Anheuser-Busch has national exclusivity, Yellow Tail, stylized [yellow tail] didn't let that stop them.  They got creative and figured out a completely legit work-around. They went out and bought local ads in 80 U.S. markets so that its Super Bowl commercial will air during the game in most America markets.  (Check out this column for more of the clever details.)

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