Teledyne TSS, a division of Teledyne Marine, announces the expansion of its market leading range of subsea pipe and cable detection and tracking products with the launch of the new smaller HydroPACT 660 pipe tracking system. The 660 has been designed to help reduce the cost of subsea pipe surveys by allowing the use of smaller classes of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). In addition, TSS is also expanding the capabilities of its larger HydroPACT 440 pipe tracking system by introducing a new 24VDC upgrade kit.

The new, compact HydroPACT 660 sports a single small form factor coil array measuring 1,200mm x 600mm at a weight of only 15.8kg that offers an operating range of greater than 85% of that of the significantly larger HydroPACT 440 system. This smaller and lighter coil array suits smaller ROVs such as observation class or inspection class. Use of these smaller ROVs for pipe and cable surveys offers customers the opportunity to significantly reduce their operating costs on future projects.

The HydroPACT 660 operates to 3,000m depth, and is offered with two different power options: 24VDC or 110VAC. The installation, operating routines and information displays are identical to those used on the 440 system, utilising the user-friendly, comprehensive DeepView operating software. The system comes complete with a choice of a vessel mounted PC or a rack mount computer.

Teledyne TSS is also pleased to announce a new 24VDC power supply pod for the HydroPACT440 system. This is the first time that a 24VDC option for the 440 has been offered, and it will help to increase the flexibility and use of the system on vehicles that only support DC power capability. This new power option is being offered in either 3,000m or 6,000m rated pods for both new 440 systems and as an upgrade kit for existing installations. This offers customers the choice of either 110VAC, 240VAC and 24VDC options for their tracking system.

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About Teledyne TSS

Teledyne TSS is one of the world's leading gyrocompass manufacturers. Success grew from the SG Brown heritage, the engineering capabilities to design and manufacture gyrocompasses for the navies and defence organisations worldwide, this led to the development of an extensive range of navigation gyros and INS devices employing different sensing technologies. In addition to gyrocompasses, Teledyne TSS also manufactures a complete range of dynamic motion sensors, of varying accuracies, suitable for a number of motion measurement applications on the sea surface and in all subsea conditions. This is supported by industry standard pipe and cable detection system, capable of subsea survey and tracking at extreme depths.

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About Teledyne Marine

Teledyne Marine is comprised of 23 undersea technology companies that have been assembled by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated. In keeping with Teledyne's philosophy, the member companies within the Marine Group remain committed to their technical heritage; however, these companies now combine their talents and technology under the Teledyne Marine umbrella to provide their customers with a new level of collaborative technology, innovation, and worldwide support. The Teledyne Marine companies are deeply entrenched in the oceanographic, offshore and defence industries, providing a wide array of highly reliable products and solutions in some of the world's most extreme offshore environments.

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