Approved Drug Or Herbal Treatment: How To Choose?

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y., Oct. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Many times people need to choose between an approved drug and an herbal treatment. They know that drugs are effective.  But they also know that many of them have serious side effects. On the other hand, they believe that herbal treatments are safe.  But they also doubt their effectiveness.  So what should they do?  What should society do to help these people choose wisely?  The CBCD has a plan. 

Drugs are dangerous

A recent study examined 222 drugs, which were all the drugs approved by the FDA between 2001 and 2010. The study found that soon after being approved, the FDA was forced to withdraw 3 drugs, add a safety warning to 61 drugs, and issue a safety communication on 59 drugs.  Overall, after being launched, the FDA discovered that 32% of the 222 new drugs had major safety problems, some of which were life-threatening. [1]

Everybody knows that drugs have side effects, sometimes fatal, and overall are very dangerous.

Herbal treatments don't work

A study discovered that people commonly say about herbal treatment that "for many of them on the market there is a lack of clinical data from good quality randomized controlled trials" to prove their effectiveness. [2]

This lack of clinical studies is the source of the public's belief that most herbal treatments don't work.

Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin combines the best of both worlds: It is both safe and effective

The CBCD is delighted to propose a plan to help the public choose wisely between approved drugs and herbal treatments.  The plan is very simple: follow the path laid out by Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin.  This plan has four steps: 1. Target an herbal treatment. 2. Use clinical studies to test the efficacy and safety of the treatment. 3. Use clinical studies to compare the herbal treatment with the leading drugs. 4. Present the results to the public in reputable peer-reviewed medical journals.

Since the pharmaceutical industry is already doing its best to minimize the side effects of its drugs, there is no much it can do to improve the safety of drugs.  In contrast, herbal treatments are an uncharted territory with nearly unlimited potential.  The CBCD believes that the highest return for society will come from following the example set by the Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin tests in genital herpes [3] [4] and HPV [5].  The CBCD invites interested parties to contact the CBCD for further discussions and possible collaborations.

Media contact: John Burdin  CBCD  607-256-6070

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