Investors rode the streak once again on Thursday as benchmark indexes closed above record levels set a day earlier.

Shares of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT - Get Report)  ticked up about 2% higher on Thursday as the company announced a partnership with Spotify. The news is a positive for Microsoft, which has been on a bit of rollercoaster lately, given the brief sell-off in tech a few days ago.

While lots of attention has been given to Microsoft's developments in cloud technology and its revamp of Office 365, less ballyhooed is the fact that Microsoft is becoming the leader in the world of eSports and competes with the likes of Activision Blizzard Inc. (ATVI - Get Report)  , Electronic Arts Inc. (EA - Get Report)  and even Inc. (AMZN - Get Report)  , which got into the eSports game with its 2014 acquisition of live video-game-streaming site Twitch.

Microsoft current monetizes the industry with sales of its xBox console, though some on Wall Street suggest that the company could do even more to gain market share of this nascent vertical. Some have suggested the company do it organically, through R&D and new products, while others suggest the space may be ripe for M&A. We will see what path CEO Satya Nadella decides to take Bill Gates' company.

Meanwhile, a shift is afoot in the bond market especially as this silo of the investment world gets extra attention in the wake of President Donald Trump's pledge to "wipe out" Puerto Rico's debt following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. High levels of household debt in the developed world and the beginning of normalization of interest rates by major central banks make emerging market debt an interesting alternative for investors to the dollar or euro-denominated bonds we are all used to.

This asset class has developed tremendously over the past two decades. Before the turn of the century, all that investors could hope for were perhaps a few dollar-denominated sovereign bonds from major developing countries. Nowadays, an array of currency options exists for bond investors: There are corporate as well as sovereign bonds, denominated either in local currencies or in major ones such as dollars or euros.

And while many foreign investors still prefer to invest in the dollar- or euro-denominated bond when it comes to sovereign or corporate debt issued by entities in developing countries, local currency debt has some advantages and seem to be gaining some steam.

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Photo of the day: Getting the message out

Twitter Inc. (TWTR - Get Report) hasn't always been the most popular way the president of the United States conveys messages to the American people. And, actually, it wasn't even television, at least until the 1950s. On Oct. 5, 1947, President Harry Truman made the first-ever televised presidential address from the White House, asking Americans to cut back on their use of grain in order to help starving Europeans. Truman wasn't the first president to appear on television, that would be FDR in 1939, but he was pioneer in terms of using television to further his political agenda. In 1948, Truman was the first presidential candidate to broadcast a paid political ad. In today's news from Capitol Hill, President Trump takes a page from the Obama playbook and uses crisis to revamp flood insurance.

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