Facebook Ordered to Pay EU 250MN Euros in Back Taxes (via Bloomberg)

Buffett Comes Out Against Trump's Tax Plan (via Reuters)

Congress Was Not Impressed with the "Changes" Wells Fargo is Making After Scandal (via MarketWatch)

FDA Says, " Love is Not an Ingredient, Now Please Remove It" (via Gizmodo)

Verizon Says Yahoo Breach in 2013 Affected EVERY Yahoo Mail Account, So 3BN (via Fortune)

Uber/Waymo Case Gets Pushed Back to December (via Forbes)

The Verge is Really Digging Samsung's New VR Set for Microsoft (via The Verge)

2016 Saw the Fastest Electrical Capacity Growth in Solar Compared to Every Other Power Source, Now Get That Coal Out of My Face! (via Mashable)

NY's Free Tuition Program Doesn't Cover Part-Time or Working College Students (via Gothamist)

Catalonia Says They'll Declare Independence From Spain " Within Days" (via Business Insider)



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