CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. ("CEMEX") (NYSE: CX) announced today that it will supply 320,000 cubic meters of concrete for the Terminal Building of Mexico City's New International Airport. CEMEX previously announced the supply of approximately 845,000 cubic meters of concrete—which together with the quantity that the company has already supplied to this large-scale project would amount to 1,200,000 cubic meters of concrete.

The Terminal Building will be "X" shaped and comprise a surface area of approximately 734,000 square meters distributed on four levels, as well as 95 fixed contact doors and 68 remote doors. With an estimated total capacity of 68 million passengers annually, the airport will feature open spaces, including shopping and restaurant areas.

In addition to the Terminal, CEMEX previously announced the supply of 845,000 cubic meters of concrete for the construction of Runway 2, of which 770,000 cubic meters will be utilized for the cemented base.

"We are very excited to deliver value for this great infrastructure project through our products, technology, and best building solutions," said Juan Romero, President of CEMEX Mexico. "Mexico City's New International Airport will serve as a new window to showcase the best of Mexico to the world."

Given the immense scale of the project, in addition to guaranteeing concrete quality and volume, one of the biggest challenges is to organize the supply chain efficiently. The raw materials required to produce the concrete will come from different sources and will be transported in trucks, trains, and ships; all of which are part of the logistics solution that CEMEX offers to its clients. Additionally, cement plants will be installed on the airport construction site to guarantee supply throughout the project.

Because of the condition of the ground on which Mexico City's New International New Airport is built—the bed of former Texcoco Lake—CEMEX supplied a special high-sulfate-resistant concrete.

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