Following the launch of the LTE-Advanced technology in Turkey last year, users, especially young users, began to more broadly use Internet to meet all of their communication needs. This encouraged Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL), which closely follows the needs of customers, to take action. Turkcell created Lifecell as Turkey's new digital brand to meet all of its customers' communication needs, including calls, entirely over the Internet. Offering advantages of the endless digital world, Lifecell will eliminate plans consisting of minutes and SMS. With Lifecell, Turkey's new digital brand that operates entirely from the Internet, the world of mobile communications is moving to a whole new dimension.

Lifecell will be enough for those who live on the Internet

Speaking at the meeting organized for the promotion of the Lifecell brand, Turkcell Executive Vice President of Marketing (CMO) Ismail Butun said "With Lifecell, we are redefining the rules of the game in communications. With Lifecell brand, we will provide our customers with only over-the-Internet communications services. Our customers will also be able to call and send messages over the Internet. In short, Lifecell will be enough for those who live on the Internet. We believe that the solution developed by Turkcell engineers will set a good example for other telecommunication companies in the world. With BiP, we offered an application from Turkey to the rest of the world for the first time. With our new digital brand Lifecell, we will spread this innovation throughout the world with the help of our affiliates. One of the most important objectives of this journey is the shift from being a technology-focused network operator to being a service-oriented experience provider."

BiP users can also make calls to all mobile networks and landlines

Ismail Butun stated that Lifecell customers can meet their calling and messaging needs via BiP. He said "Our customers will be able to meet all their communication needs via mobile data. They will make regular and video calls and use instant messaging service via BiP. They will not have a problem even if respondent number does not use BiP. They will be able to call both landlines and GSM numbers via BiP with higher voice quality. Turkcell engineers included the feature of calling all mobile networks and landlines in BiP, which will enable Lifecell users to make unlimited calls not only to BiP users but also non-BiP users. Besides, Lifecell plans include a very rich application world for Lifecell users to enjoy the opportunities of the Internet. Our customers will be able to listen to unlimited music with their fizy accounts included in their plans; they will be able to watch TV channels or movies via TV+ wherever they want. They will also be able to instantly read magazines and newspapers of their choosing. With LifeBox, they can store photos, videos and all other files in the cloud. Upcall application will also show who the calling number belongs to even if it is not saved on the phone. With these applications included, Lifecell will have the pulse of the Internet."

Ismail Butun said that the use of mobile data and applications is increasing rapidly, and added "Among the applications we offer in Lifecell plans, BiP has been downloaded 15 million times, Fiji about 11 million, Upcall 1.5 million, Lifebox 5 million and TV + about 4.5 million. The high demand and developments have led us to develop solutions which will use mobile data more effectively and for the first time an operator offers all of its services completely over the Internet or through digital platforms."

Lifecell comes with a phone

Ismail Butun, emphasizing that they want to sell smart phones to interested customers, said "We have also produced a smart phone specific for Lifecell. GM6 Lifecell phones are shipped ready to use in Lifecell mode with all apps installed."

Three different offers

All Lifecell plans, which are offered in three different packages as Super, Extra and Pro, will include 50 GB of mobile data for apps. All Lifecell plans will include unlimited calls and messages among BiP users and 1000 minutes for calls to landlines and all mobile networks. Additionally, all plans will also include 2 GB of mobile data for Facebook and Twitter. Besides, customer services of Lifecell will also be provided digitally. The service center, which is designed specifically for Lifecell customers, will be accessed via BiP. Lifecell customers will be able to receive live support 24/7 from this channel.

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