The CWDM8 MSA (8-wavelength Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing Multi-Source Agreement) Group today announced its formation as an industry consortium dedicated to defining optical specifications and promoting adoption of interoperable 2 km and 10 km 400 Gb/s interfaces over duplex single-mode fiber.

To meet the bandwidth and expansion needs of modern data centers and support deployment of 12.8T Ethernet switches and other advanced networking equipment with 50G SERDES, the CWDM8 MSA participants are developing optical link specifications that will enable cost-effective, low power consumption 400G duplex single-mode optics using 50G per wavelength optical NRZ modulation, all while maintaining full compatibility with standard 50G PAM4 electrical interfaces. These optical interfaces can be implemented in next-generation module form factors such as QSFP-DD, OSFP, and COBO, and are believed to have significant time to market and performance advantages compared to other approaches. MSA participants expect to address industry needs by advancing unique technologies to create a diverse and competitive supply chain, while providing products that are optically compatible and interoperable.

Founding members of the CWDM8 MSA include Accton, Barefoot Networks, Credo Semiconductor, Hisense, Innovium, Intel, MACOM, Mellanox, Neophotonics, and Rockley Photonics.

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Industry statements of support:

"There is currently no adequate solution in the market to meet our needs for cost effective and uncooled 400G optical interfaces for 2km and 10km reaches. We welcome the formation of the CWDM8 MSA, which offers proven 50G NRZ technology to enable compact and low power dissipation form factors for 400G."- Yu Li, VP of Data Center Switching, Huawei

"400G QSFP-DD optics are a key component of Nokia's FP4 routing platforms. We are excited that the CWDM8 MSA has formed to support our customers' needs for low-powered, high-density, 400G in both 2 km and 10 km applications. We look forward to working with the CWDM8 member companies enabling the migration to high-density 400G."- Samuel Liu, Director of Product Line Management, Nokia

"Our next generation Ethernet switches are designed for 50G electrical interfaces, driving the need for 400G pluggable optics that is reliable and has low power dissipation. We are excited that the CWDM8 ecosystem is developing solutions that will accelerate adoption of duplex fiber interfaces for our applications and look forward to testing these products in our systems."- Mike Yang, President, Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)

"The CWDM8 MSA enables 400G optical interfaces with significantly improved link budgets over other solutions and we look forward to working with the CWDM8 member companies to validate their products in our router and switch systems and drive a fast time to market for these next generation interfaces for 2km and 10km reaches."- Zhang Yun, Director of optical network, ZTE

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