Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has penned a letter to Apple (AAPL - Get Report) CEO Tim Cook requesting further transparency as it relates to the new Face ID technology the tech titan revealed as part of its new iPhone X.

"Substantial questions remain about how Face ID will impact iPhone users' privacy and security, and whether the technology will perform equally well on different groups of people," Franken wrote.

Franken pointed out that a faceprint of an individual is "permanent, public, and uniquely identifies its owner," and warned that should the information fall into the wrong hands it could lead to negative ramifications that last a lifetime. He also noted that Apple could use the data to benefit its businesses by selling the information to third parties.

Consequently, Franken posed several questions to Cook intended to provide him with further clarity on the security and privacy of this technology.

One question Franken raises was whether it was possible that Apple or a third party could obtain usable faceprint data from the iPhone X, or if Apple would ever store the data remotely. 

The Senator also asks what steps Apple took to ensure that the Face ID technology could not be duped by a photograph or exterior image of a particular person. 

He also urges Apple to answer whether the data would ever be eligible for examination in a case concerning law enforcement. Franken has given Apple until October 13 to address these concerns.

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